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Just a fan blog for actress, Katie Leclerc who you may know as Daphne Vasquez, who finds out she was taken home by the wrong family in ABC Family's "Switched at Birth" - The show is currently on hiatus and will return on June 16th.

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2006: Gravy Train- Lydia Faye
2009: Flying By- Ally
2009: The Inner Circle- Claire
2011: Seven Lanterns-Rachel Hawthorne
2012: The Ones- Katie
2013: The Confession- Katie Lapp
2013: Mesmerized- Unknown
2013: My Synthesized Life- Amanda

Television -

2005: Veronica Mars- Crystal
2006: Fashion House- Sara
2007: The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show- Tokersville Queen
2007: Saints & Sinners- Bride
2008: The Riches- Teen Girl
2008 The Ex List- Mila
2010: The Hard Times of RJ Berger- Deaf Girl
2011–present: Switched At Birth- Daphne Vasquez
2011: The Big Bang Theory- Emily

2012: CSI Las Vegas -Christine

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1 of my FAV moments yesterday! Watching my TVdaughters in action! #sagfoundation @LATimesFOB

1 of my FAV moments yesterday! Watching my TVdaughters in action! #sagfoundation @LATimesFOB

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